turnipRPG Premium

$3.49/ month

currently does not provide perks

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turnipRPG tip

custom amount

does not provide perks

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What will be included in the future?*


receive a unique badge on your profile


receive a profile picture of your avatar

Pull reroll

choose to reroll a card pull

Beta Testing

Get a chance to test new beta features

Auto Sell

Sell all specified selected items after you have more than the selected amount

Adventure Bag

View items recently collected that are stored in an adventure bag

Crafting Slots

Get up to two additional crafting/cooking slots

Favorite Food items

Get up to seven additional favorite food slots

Farming Trowel

plant a 3x3 farmland of plots with the same seed all at once

Fertilizer Machine

fertilize a 3x3 farmland of plots with the same fertilizer all at once


Have additional zoom out distance when exploring

*These perks are not yet included in turnipRPG premium

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